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My name is Faith and I have created this space to share cleaner and safer products that embrace health. My professional background is in healthcare and I hold a Master of Health Psychology degree. I value all aspects of health and well-being for optimal living. Using products containing less pathogenic or no toxic substances can decrease our exposure to harmful chemicals, fostering better health.

Please understand that I am not providing medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In addition, I do not claim to be an expert. I rely on existing science and research to share products and to support discussion.

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    My Story

    Throughout my adult life, I have always felt a purpose of learning, sharing, and practicing what promotes health. Health is multifaceted and is composed of physical, mental and emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and financial aspects. These factors of health can impact one another. Having worked in healthcare since 2010, we see how physical health can affect mental health and vice versa. There is meaning in sharing products through affiliation with companies that provide less harmful and non-toxic products as well as goods that nurture health and well-being. That is what Let's Be Health is here to contribute! 


    More personally, I enjoy weight lifting, Peleton spin sessions, and spending time with loved ones as well as with my two dogs (aka the boys), Charlie and Crash. The importance of less harmful and non-toxic products used in our house is also influenced by Charlie and Crash, as the boys deserve good health.


    Through this space, I seek to share products that align with Let's Be Health as well as use existing science and research to support products and discussion. Additionally, connecting with one another and expanding our knowledge through conversation is of high purpose. We are all worthy of living well without the burden of using products that aid in acute and chronic health effects. Let's live alive. Let's live well. Let's Be Health.

    Contact me!

    I value connecting with others, sharing knowledge, and learning from others. I welcome respectful and constructive feedback if you are willing to share!

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